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Bengaluru Tech Summit is conducting a virtual Global Hackathon in collaboration with Global Innovation Alliance Partners and Startup Innovation Hubs from across the globe to create solutions that addresses local or global societal needs.

This year’s theme is ‘Innovation & Impact’. This event has always been a strategic platform for industries, technologies, and use cases worldwide to understand and to leverage the latest technical innovations.

Top 20 winners of the Global Hackathon from across the globe will be invited to the Bengaluru Tech Summit.

Get ready to be a part of an event like never before, that will offer knowledge, networking and business opportunities from Thursday, November 29th – Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at Bengaluru Palace, Bengaluru, India. (


The mission of BTS Global Hackathon is to create technology solutions and initiatives, that will contribute to the social good and address the needs and challenges facing humanity.

Technology Domains:

  • AI
  • IoT
  • Telecom
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber Security
  • Intelligent Apps
  • Analytics, ML
  • Robotics, AR/VR
  • Biotechnology [BioPharma, AgriTechnology, BioServices, BioIndustrial, BioInformatics, Bio Energy BioFuels]


Use technology to create smart healthcare solutions for people residing in urban centers. A unified healthcare system, with collecting and sharing of data along with analysis and research practices, is what will determine the future of urban healthcare.


A city cannot be truly smart without smart water infrastructure. Develop technology solutions for more efficient plant operations, optimization of pumping, asset management, power usage optimization, leak detection, detection of contaminants, and consumer access to individual usage.


Sustainable food production is an urgent task, considering climate change and pressure on natural resources. How can technology contribute to food production in an urban environment.


Cities all across the world are growing a at a rapid rate. The transportation services should scale with the growing needs. Great infrastructure and transport is required for rapid expansions in every aspect. Develop smart transport solutions for growing needs of economy.


As our cities are getting bigger, we are piling up heaps of waste all around us. Come up with innovative ways to make urban waste management more automated and efficient.

Main Prizes

First prize

Sponsored trip to Bengaluru Tech Summit 2018 Bengaluru, India

Other Prizes

Please await for the exciting prizes that will be announced by sponsors and Global Innovation Alliance country partners as we move ahead.