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Get the big picture, the future landscape or a deeper understanding of the emerging technologies world over, with our global conference.

Touching upon nearly every topic arising from the technology knowledge mine to key trends, novel ideas and success stories - Bengaluru Tech Summit is a striking confluence of the world's journey through the technology trajectory.

Two decades of evolution with the greatest minds, businesses and influencers in the field of IT and BT, Bengaluru Tech Summit is acclaimed for its powerful conference that revisits critical, technical, commercial and policy related challenges that the industry faces. The conference brings a mindful convergence of technology experts, futurists, policy makers, research heads and industry captains from all over the globe, indulging in invigorating discussions & deliberating on thought leadership. Industry stalwarts provide insights into the latest techie trends, entrepreneurship opportunities for young innovators, critical advice, and a sneak peek into path breaking ideations ready to disrupt the world as we know it.

The conference focuses on a multitude of frontier technologies ranging from Blockchain, AI, ML & Robotics, Intelligent Apps and Analytics, Immersive Experience (AR/VR), IOT, Telecom, Cyber Security, BioPharma, BioAgri, BioIT, BioIndustrial and BioServices.

The conference is expected to house over 260+ expert speakers with over 3000+ delegates, a goal that will be realised with support from leading industry associations, related organisations & the Government of Karnataka.

Delegate Tariff

* Whichever is earlier ** 18% GST Applicable
Terms & Conditions
• Group discount of 10% for 3 or more DELEGATES from same organisation
Spot registration will be charged @ Rs. 9,000 plus 18% GST

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